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Bread Man

By theNoNamer


A man is turn into a Heroic creature of dough. While patrolling the city he finds bank robbers who are oblivious to his true powers.

Character Voice Tones:

  • Narrator – typical narrator voice.
  • Pre-Bread Man – regular dude voice.
  • Bread Man – very masculine, like wow.
  • Robber 1 & 2 – robber voice??? Smug, cocky


Frame zooms into a man eating a sandwich outside the fences of a nuclear plant.

Narrator: One fateful afternoon. A chain of unfortunate events changes a man into a god.

Cuts to a nuclear chimney which spouts out a rather tiny speck of nuclear residue which lands between the man's finger and bread slice.

Pre-Bread Man: *screams in intense pain*

The man infuses with the bread particles and suffers a great deal of pain in the process. Though ends up becoming a cliché Hero who is Literally a man sized slice of bread with arms, legs, mouth and a cape; With a logo “B” in his chest area.

Narrator: he is BREAD MAN!

While flying across the city he hears the alarms of a bank going off and dashes to the scene.
As the two robbers run along the sidewalk they are yielded by a shadowy figure of bread.

Bread Man: Stop right there, fiends!

As the man of bread is revealed to the criminals and they burst into laughter

Robber 1 & 2: *Starts Laughing*
Robber 1: you’re slice of bread?!
Robber 2: yeah, what are you going to do? Make me eat you?
Robber 1: *chuckles* I wish I had some mayo.
Robber 1 & 2: *continues to laugh*

Bread Man gives a smirk and opens his One Big Eyeball and fires a beam that turn the robbers into bread

Robber 1 & 2: *screams in pain* oh god! *screams*

Half way through the process Bread Man stops then snaps his finger which brings a flock of ducks to eat the bodies of the unfortunate victims. 

{{ Lines removed Script:
Bream Man: *sinister laughing*
Dark music plays as the frame zooms into Bread Man’s eye that reflects the gore of ducks tearing half bread half tissue, then fades to black. For you see Bread Man is no hero he is a demented abomination.}}

The camera pans through a nauseated crowd, after having witnessed the horrific scene of ducks eating bloody, half-bread half-flesh, bodies. Bread Man flies in front of the crowd and says

BM: "No need to thank me" saying with such pride.
BM: "I was just DOUGH-ing my job" emphasis on the 'dough' (bad bread pun)

flies away. Theme Music plays.
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Submitted on
January 30, 2014