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AC: Syndicate discovery by iamtheNoNamer
AC: Syndicate discovery
Everything I wanted to say is in the pic. But how would the story have been if we played as George. Reading from his bio I think it would have been cool to play as a man rescued by an assassin and then training with his savior. Like being in the shoes of all those AC: Brotherhood recruits.

Assassins creed  gif  ezio 
put your hands UP designs by iamtheNoNamer
put your hands UP designs
T-shirt designs focused on the theme of 'putting your hands up'.
Interpret that in any way you'd like: spirituality, motivation, or simple partying.
Putting ones hand up might even correlate to some 1920s movement
and here some deviantart media cause we all like these things  -> Megatron (Armada) attacks icon 


Male T-shirt template

 by: Thetrueguilty
Never knew about this show till my sister shared a video and I got to thank her for that.
Binged all 13 episodes today then saw the pilot and I have a few things to say for every episode.

Our Stuff: First impressions of the show, thought the bears were a bit lame failing at basketball and finding the wrong bag. But the ending kinda redeemed them by accidentally finding the pigeon cartel. The episode was alright and it seemed more of a San Francisco tour than an introducing to the characters, so wasn't sold at the show yet.

Viral Video: So judging by the show's intro I knew the koala was going to be a dick(I don't even think koalas are cute) and immediately hated him with his cute facade. At the limo part I thought Grizz and Nom were actually going to be friends and thought Grizz would be the reason he becomes the antagonist but nope the koalas  a dick. So good on them for making a hate-able character. I'm happy Patton Oswalt voices Nomx2, really works for the character.

Food truck: Now this is where things get interesting for me. We see the awesomeness of Ice Bear's cooking and engineering skills. The part where animals steal money made me laugh out loud and I like how the Bears and Vendors were in that 'crazy animals' situation. "I lost my family in that food truck". But the skunk was Deus ex machina for sure.

Chloe: Kinda wished this was the first episode. Great introduction to the characters coupled with the music. This whole episode had a good vibe and definitely one of my favorite episodes. Those students were really enthusiastic about bears.

Panda's Date: Poor Panda, this was kinda cringy that way Panda tried to hide from Grizz and Ice. Was watching hoping they'd all meet by the end and talk it all out so I wasn't satisfied with how it ended. Watching all those samples made me hungry.

Everyday Bears: What can I say, it was a fun simple episode. Nothing crazy happened except for Killer roomba. Grizzly being the lovable dope getting stuck on a tree. Ice bear being awesome again. Didn't really like the Panda parts though, just pissed me off. You know what Panda should have done was turned off the router to prevent more social media damage.

Burrito: Now this is the one and you all know it. All aboard the feels train. I'd say 90% of the episode were just dumb burrito shenanigans but this episode was all about the last 30 seconds. Great twist, great character building and what an emotional song for what was mostly a dumb episode. This didn't pull on your heart strings, it tugged that shit so hard like a sailor.

Primal: I Love This Episode! Really! These are bears like real fucking bears. It's great to see these guys aren't just humanized animals but actual animals. I had a huge smile in my face after I saw Panda go primal. I always root for the wimpy/underdog character and this was like his rage release. This made me love WBB and now I can call myself a fan. I like this more than Burrito but hey that's just me.

Jean Jacket: Another awesome episode. 'This my squad' - perfect. I'd bet after you lose your friends from the jacket it also loses its luck and finds a new victim. And hey it's Robin but that voice now reminds me of that awful Teen Titans go... ..thing. so meh.

Nom Nom: Personally I hate episodes with main villains. With these types of shows I just like seeing characters in odd situations like in Everyday Bears but we get to see Ice bear being awesome again. I don't know what you'd call this type of character, the stoic silent types. He's kinda like Ferb. And if Eucalyptus Pop is real I got to buy some.

Shush Ninjas: I'm kinda indifferent about this episode mainly because I personally Hate watching movies in theaters. This episode just reminded me of my dreadful experiences in theaters. Movie parodies with the bears of course but this episode it just a reminder of why you shouldn't watch movies in theaters anymore. Netflix and Chill, amaright?

My Clique: I can see this episode caters to the shy. I'm not shy myself but if I was a child prodigy it would probably be hard to make friends with an older batch that you can't really relate with. But seriously the design of Chloe is just too cute. You just want to wrap your arms around her and be her friend. Well I'm glad Chloe made more friends beside the bears. Am I missing something? WOAH! Adventure Time on the TV! Well how about that.

Charlie: Nothing too special about this episode for me. Just an introduction to Charlie. He's deliberately annoying but you know his just a good guy deep down so the annoying parts of the show seems forced. But I expect great things with that character.

Pilot: Grizzly totally clawed a kid! The spider bit was hilarious. "I was just following you guys". Nice to see the art style didn't change unlike most show pilots.

Our Stuff: meh
Viral Video: Fuck that koala!
Food Truck: cool animals stealing money
Chloe: This should've been episode 1
Panda's Date: Don't like the ending
Everyday Bears: Panda bits pissed me off
Burrito: the final 30 seconds
Primal: Fuck yeah! they're real bears.
Jean Jacket: This my squad
Nom Nom: Fuck that koala.. again
Shush Ninjas: Fuck movie theaters
My Clique: glad Chloe made friends
Charlie: meh
Pilot: Grizzly clawed a child
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